This is what they gave me, in case anyone is curious:

- This is an antibiotic to prevent infection. It is to be taken twice a day for 7 days, 12 hours apart and ALWAYS with food. Avoid sun tanning and tanning beds while taking this medication. If you are breastfeeding you should not take Doxycycline.

I didn't get anything else other than that, when I was there they made me take two huge pain pills (I think codeine, but where i'm from that's simply Tylenol 3, which you can buy at any pharmacy).


notemily said...

ha, doxycycline is what they give me when my kittens have a cold. they have to take it liquid form, though, which is gross and smells vaguely of onions.

Anonymous said...

You cannot buy Tylenol 3 over the counter, anywhere. And the contain 30 mg of codeine.
You can buy T1's OTC and that only contains 8 mg of codeine and even that is controlled and you're only allowed 30 a month, and have to show id to get it OTC.

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