Procrastination at its best

It's 11:30 am.
The most productive I've been today has been trying to find a new Blogger backdrop. I finally gave up and settled on this one, mostly 'cause it has wider margins...why do all blogger templates have the text narrowed down to a thin teenie column?

Not like it matters. I doubt anyone's going to see or read this.

Geezus chr1st what would happen if i KEPT this baby? I can't even concentrate with the research i'm doing on something i'm not keeping, I'd need a week off of work for all the research i would do if I kept it.

And now every little ache and pain I associate with pregnancy. The fatigue for sure...the only time I'm this tired is when I'm withdrawing from caffeine, but I've been off the "C" for months now. At most I have a diet pepsi maybe once a week.

Oh and I have zero nausea but damn if ummm things don't go through my body like crazy. It's like i'm my own personal laxative...and i pee like every hour. I used to go an entire day at work not having to go pee.

I'm eating a ton of sh*t, but that's my own disordered eating issues, and I gotta nip that in the bud since I'm a bridesmaid in a month. Oh that's another exercise for 2 weeks after. Lovely...i'll just starve for the 2 weeks (although the dress is too big, so maybe it would do some good to gain weight so it doesn't fall off...HA who am i kidding, no effing way am i okay being bigger unless i'm pregnant...ironically).

Going to take another snooze in my car.


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