So one thing I made a point of reading on the abortion clinic's website is that if my iron is too low, then send you back home 'cause they won't perform it.

I have been anemic quite a few times in my life (not a big meat eater), so I dont' want to risk it. Every day I must eat something with beef.
Yes, yes i know there's plenty of alternatives like tofu but nothing trumps for iron like cow.

So i sat here trying to figure out what to get for lunch, i was starving from the uber healthy breakfast i had...then I realized: wtf. InNOut. Gets me some cow on to start the Get Some Iron project.

I wish I could explain what it's like knowing you have something ALIVE in you. Especially not something that you intend on ever seeing or holding or naming or photographing before prom. I feel like i have a bubble in my stomach and in it is a little live rice-sized organism paying rent for that bubble. But the bubble is huge it's just a little piece of rice right in the center of it.

I havent' even really touched my stomach. Which is dumb, since really your uterus and all that is wayyyy low on your abdomen, but i keep behaving like it's the spot above my belly button below my rib cage.

And I kind of treat it like Nicolas Cage treats those weird circular bombs in The Rock. Any wrong move and it'll explode. It's like i have a bomb attached to me and i'm supposed to act totally normal and cool about it.

I'm getting REALLY freaked out about having to host the bachelorette the day after. I'm also freaked out because my boss just sent out an invite for a lunch the day before...i'm afraid she'll realize that she meant to put friday, not thursday.

My anxiety is crazy high. I'm always twitching. When i handed the InNOut burger chick my credit card (yes, i credit carded $3.98, don't judge me! I never carry cash and i'll take the airmiles i can get!) the card was flapping around so much she could barely get it out of my hands.

I'm also stuttering a lot, mostly because what my brain is thinking has nothing to do with what i'm saying. It's a very hard thing to do. Every other word my mouth realizes that what's coming out makes no sense relative to what is on the brain's mind.

I love that my only symptoms really are related to gastrointestinal issues.


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