Still 6 days to go

Waiting while my carpets are being cleaned. Is it bad that I think one of the guys doing it is crazy hot in a clark kent kind of way?

Went to the chiropractor. The reason I go to this place is because years ago they did a little health schpiel at my work, and I remember their receptionist went along too and was saying how she kept having miscarriages until she started getting chiropractic treatment and had a healthy pregnancy blah blah.

When i got there, some chick was with her mom and had a newborn...I just kept staring at it. It was a beautiful baby...funny thing is, if i WEREN'T pregnant, I would have gotten emotional, wishing I could have one. And now that I am but can't keep it...I viewed it like "no way am I letting what i've got get to that point".

In my brain, when i think logically, i think of this picture i saw at week 3 (when i was attempting to approximate how far along I was), it was just like 2 cells. I didn't realize that pregnancy is typically calculated from the first day of your last period. Which means that by the time I get it done, i'll be around 6 weeks along.

Really I'm scared for all the complications. And then I read stuff like this and realllly freak myself out:

  • Infection: Retained pregnancy components or an undiagnosed STD, Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, may cause an infection requiring outpatient treatment, or hospitalization for intravenous antibiotics. If pregnancy components are retained, the woman will need another curettage procedure.
  • Persistent or excessive bleeding: Abnormal bleeding may result from uterine muscles not contracting or blood vessels not constricting to stop the bleeding. Also, blood clots may develop inside the uterus after the procedure. The woman will need medication to stop the bleeding.
  • The uterus and/or intestine may have been perforated (a hole punched through the wall by instruments inserted within the uterus). The walls of the uterus are much thinner in 2nd trimester. On occasion, the hemorrhaging is severe enough to require a blood transfusion and abdominal surgery.
  • The cervix may be lacerated (cut or torn) requiring suture repair in order to stop significant bleeding.
  • Cervical Incompetence: A woman may not be able to carry a future pregnancy to term as a result of injuries to the cervix during a 2nd trimester abortion.
The other thing I'm worried about is that I'm not taking a day off work for this (because 2 weeks later I'll have to take a vacation day, and I'm all about saving vacation days while I can). I suppose I could call in sick, which is legit considering. We'll see. I originally thought "oh it's a 5 min procedure, i'll be back in 2 hours, max". Right. It's actually more like I'll be there for 5 hours, and that's not including if they make me wait till stuff wears off because I won't have a driver to take me home.

Oh my carpets are going to cost me $350 to get cleaned. I had a crazy vet bill that i'm trying to pay off (it's down to $400). Then there's the $400 for the abortion. Can I just attach a hose to Bank of America and let everyone just syphon it all out?


rachel said...

call ahead and ask if you can be one of the first patients of the day -- that you need to be back at work by lunch. upon check-in, i waited for over three hours before i was brought back for the procedure, and it was a good 60-90 min before i was lucid afterwards. i had the general anesthesia cause i didn't want local and be aware of everything going on down there (and the associated memories to torture myself further).

...and ditch those second trimester worries -- you're nowhere near that time frame.

rachel x

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