Surgery day, part 2

Okay, able to continue on from the whole experience finally (it's Monday right now btw, and I had my surgery on Friday).

So my legs are spread open, held up by a black rubber noose around each ankle. paper blanket shoved between my legs so i'm not exposing everything to everyone who walks in, although I think that I did anyway.

The nurse was great, she's to my left. She's putting those electrode device things on me, 3 in total, across my chest.

The anesthesiologist is to my right, the humming older black guy, and he prepares to shove a needle on the back of my right hand. I can handle pain like no other, and I actually enjoy giving blood. I get a weird kick out of it. But stuff like the back of the hand gives me the heebie jeebies, and when he put the needle in I felt the most intense pain I have ever felt. i truly can't think of a time I felt anything that awful. I've had stitches before, I've had my wisdom teeth out, but this was probably the equivalent of what you see a vampire go through in a movie when garlic is pressed against them.

Or like when Bella in Twilight** is transforming to a vampire, she just keeps screaming to Edward about her hand. That's how I sounded.

**Yes, I made a Twilight reference. I will make sure I bitch-slap myself for that later.

Then he and the nurse start saying how it didn't work (shoving the needle in my right hand), so they'll have to do it somewhere else. I guess they did it through the veins in my right arm (the usual spot, the crook of the elbow area), in which case wtf they should have done that in the first place. So i'm all confused, wailing about my hand, then the doctor comes in.

The doc, who I was wary about becuase of the research I found online, looked just like Michael Caine.
(To be continued, have to jet)


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