Side note.

This isn't a continuation of the story, but a side note:
I'm so effing annoyed with all men right now. First you have Chandler who keeps saying he wants to make things up to me, listen to me, etc, but then the instant I actually reply he flips out on me.
Then Joey was trying to get his mack on with me, and i had become accustomed to our once-every-quarter session, plus his face is like brillo pads. I'm not exaggerating, it hurts like hell when he's not freshly shaved, and he hasn't shaved in days. I was like "what are you doing...i'm on the rag". Um yeah i'm going to be on the rag for 2 weeks as far as he's concerned since you can't have sex for 2 weeks. And right now, i don't want sex ever again.

God i hate men.


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