I hate men.
At this point, i'm going to just get a vibrator and use that forever. Or start liking girls. Or both.

Men in this day and age are a bunch of whiny little bitches. No wonder childbirth is reserved for women, the human race would die off if men had to be pregnant and take care of shit. Both Joey and Chandler in 12 hours have acted like a bunch of p$%sies.

I want men to be like Don Draper. The 90s ruined mankind. Screw you grunge. What happened to the good old days when men internalized their pain and didn't talk about it. What happened to men not crying. What happened to guys forgetting anything within an hour. What happened to men not wanting to talk about relationship crap?

When am I allowed to be the one to sit a guy down and say "we need to talk"? I've done that once in 9 months, and with two relationships that a lot of staying silent.

if you're getting an abortion, i'm pretty sure you'd rather have your female friend there with you over a guy any day.


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