It just keeps getting better and better

I just came back from lunch with some ex-coworkers. A bunch of women, varying ages. What has bugged me is that all the women who are my age or younger have all recently been popping out kids...except for me. Which was exceptionally hard becuase it wasn't for a lack of trying on my part.

It mind boggles me, anyone over the age of 28 should know better than to ask anyone about how things are going pregnancy-wise...especially when it's been around 3 years since the first time you asked.

As usual, i got grilled. I came up with a lame excuse (really? i need an excuse as to why I'm not pregnant? Maybe i'm infertile. Maybe Joey is. Maybe we don't want to talk about it. Geezus fucking chr*st people have you never known anyone to have fertility issues? By the time I was 29 I knew of a few, and stopped asking. Women in their 40s damn well should know better than to ask) , which then prompted LECTURES to me about why I should still be trying.

No fuckers, the reason I'm not trying to get pregnant is BECAUSE I AM PREGNANT.

To top it off, we went to a sandwich shop and the only beef option was some deli beef. I haven't had deli beef in well...over a decade. If ever. FOr a reason. That sh*t is nasty. I was all about trying to get my iron but I ended up just eating everyone's extra dinner roll.

So not only was I mad that I was eating an $8 grey meat impossible-to-swallow sandwich, I also had to hear lectures about babymaking.

When I was driving back I so wanted to cry, but really i was just angry. Angry about what exactly, I don't know.

I have a meeting at 2pm where I'm supposed to have yet again something done that i don't.


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