I'm annoyed because Joey is next to me...and he keeps staring at my laptop screen. WTF. I'm looking at dresses and sh*t, can't i have any effing space.

Baby doesn't like wine.

Wow, have i called it "baby" yet?

Let me rephrase:
Embryo doesn't like wine. After half a glass, my stomach was in knots. So even though you're not supposed to drink, your body kinda doesn't let you.

Yay i fit into my skinny jeans still, and a friend told me tonight how her mom commented that i had lost a lot of weight since the start of the was hard as hell to get those skinny jeans on, and i had muffin top, but dammit...those may have been spray-painted on they were so tight but come hell or highwater i refuse to let this have me gain weight.

Things i need to do next week:
1. Come up with a list of questions for the clinic and call in advance.
2. Write on my hand to make sure that i get that Rhogam or whatever shot.
3. Buy that gas-x stuff, upon recommendation from other sites.
4. Swipe a ton of free pads from work.
5. Do laundry and everything comfy has to be clean and ready to go.
6. Clean as much of my house as possible for girls' gathering.

MOTHER EFFER...he kept staring at my screen saying it's time for bed and now he's facing much on my mind that i need to write. Could i be any more annoyed? Everyone on this earth needs to just not know what's going on with me while still behave and treat me as if something IS going on with me.

Can't wait for a month from now.


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