next week

Next week at this time, all the social crap will be over.
I'll be able to relax.
I'll be able to wrap my mind around what will have happened on Friday.

It's still surreal to me. Right now my feelings are that of "come ON...come ON faster!", but it's also my own fault. I had it scheduled for Friday but then I got scared that I was too early and if they didn't see it, I'd have to go back anyway.

For sure, taking Friday off work. No way around that. Especially if I'm gonna have to host a huge shindig at my place which will lead to a girls' night out.

No symptom changes from what I've already described. Still just the left boob that's sore. Still thinking every bizarre feeling in my stomach must be from the embryo/fetus. Not feeling as weirded out today about the growth in my stomach, like that "i've got a bomb in my stomach!" feeling.

I've read every personal experience blog I could find. What else am I gonna read up until Friday?

Damn I'm going to be a mess THursday night.


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