5 day countdown

I don't really have anything to write, just that we're down to 5 days.

I'm bitchy as all hell.

I forgot that I need new tires for my car. I was holding out as long as possible, figuring I'd replace them in the fall.
It's almost Hallowe'en. I'd say it's fall.

So let's go through the bills:
$400 to get my carpets cleaned (necessary as a result of cat stuff)
$450ish left on my vet bills
$800 last time i took my car in
$250 when i take my car in tomorrow
$700ish for new tires when i start to freak out that they're bald
And $395 to get a vacuum shoved up my girly parts to suck up something the size of a piece of rice and pray they don't puncture something vital.

I have no right to sit down and have my own pity party, but I'd say even without that last bill I should get some sort of mini-violin for my sad song.

It feels like someone is blowing up a balloon in my stomach. Not quite bloating because i don't feel waterlogged. My lower back is aching.

And i don't know how much of this is psychosomatic.

For sure, the number one symptom is my bladder. Damn I went 3 and half hours without peeing and honestly, I felt like I was going to burst. Lord help any lady who gets a bladder infection while pregnant, I'd stab myself.


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