so, so tired.

Let me tell you, trying to find anything from the perspective of people who have gone through this is like a needle in a haystack. I think I'm now an even better Googler as a result of the sequence and choice of words I put in. Here's the types of things you find when searching abortion experiences, tips, advice, aftercare:

1. Political crap.

2. Religious crap.

3. Websites discussing how "horrible" people's abortions were, with various religious blurbs everywhere.

4. Websites discussing teenage pregnancies in medieval times.
(okay, by medieval times, I mean, 1960).

5. Websites for clinics that just say what services they offer. you'd think this would also provide info, but it's starting to make me doubt the place I'm going to, even though I can't exactly hop on a plane and go to Manhattan to get a "better" abortion as perceived by me through their website.

6. Abortion debate sites

7. Medical sites, like hardcore medical sites that have more information than even I care to know. And I love knowing crazy details. But seeing cross-sections of a women's stomach with a tube in it is enough to give you the heebie-geebies. At this point getting it done is a non-issue, so knowign what they're doing won't exactly help.

The waiting is killing me.


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