So how does it feel?

Let's talk physical symptoms when you're out.

Initially, other girls were complaining about bad cramping. I asked one girl to rate her pain, and she said like a 6 or 7. I gave my cramps at like a 4, but only because it was relative to the pain in my hand which was a 200000000000000000000000 on a scale of 10.

OH note: you are STARVING the whole time. All of us girls were bitching about that. But when you get out, you're hungry, but you feel so "blegh" that food isn't really on your mind. You gotta eat anyway, 'cause you're so weak.

I walked a little slow, but really I just felt like i'd been in a fist fight. I had to rip off those node sticker off me which was brutal, they were practically superglued on.

Fast forward to a bit later, I got a MASSIVE swoosh of blood out of me. I then decide it's time to go to Target to get some pads. I picked up the overnights and the daily ones (Always), which was overkill...It's Monday now (surgery was Fri) and there's not anything that a pantyliner or thick panties would protect. Over the whole weekend doing anything that would push my abs was bad. Which included sneezing and hell, even uhhh bowel movements. But you feel like your innards are being smooshed out.

That night I was supposed to plan my friend's party and possibly do dinner with some friends. EFF THAT. Physically I suppose i could have, but really i was just achy and I wanted to be a big baby. So i stayed in bed with a bag of ruffles and watched tv. Kicked Joey out for the night (thank GOD he got a last minute invite to go out).

That whole night I just felt achy. No other way to put it.

The next day was awful. I seriously felt like someone took a baseball bat to me.

I had a bit to drink (not by choice, the party situation), but I didn't feel anything all that different. I set an alarm for the antibiotics, 8am and 8pm according to them, so that was a pain to take in front of people. They're blue and HUGE.

I've checked my temperature a few times, last night it was a bit high but I feel okay now so I'm gonna check again (under 99, good). I actually couldn't find my thermometer 'cause i was carrying it around in my purse, so I had to use (ironically) the fertility basal thermometer a girlfriend gave me.

So now that it's been 3 days, I get the odd cramping, but nothing crazy. I think I took pain pills once, just as a preemptive measure.

My hand is burgundy and purple from the needle incident, and the other spots have straight up bruising. Looking at my hand freaks me out.


Deborah said...

Was your husband an oblivious moron? He didn't notice your pain, popping pills, or the giant bruise on your hand? Maybe should have just stayed with Chandler

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