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Seriously, all the sh*t out there is political crap. Fortunately I found a few stuff:

Un-Expecting: This chick is awesome. I feel like she's me. Plus she's about as far along as I am. Well, she was until she had the abortion.

What to expect when you're aborting: a little confusing to read, i think that's in part because of the Tumblr template she chose. Girl doesn't mince words at all. Same deal as the above...a personal countdown to D-Day.

Abortion Blog: a little more political in nature but still written by someone who had one recently. Personal experiences = good to read right now.

Updated to add:
1 out of 3: Someone who had a 2nd trimester abortion...dayam. Another great source of "things you should pack/things you should know".

My abortion & related incidents: have only skimmed it so far, but it's written by another "normal" person, someone who's going through it.


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