Why keeping it is not an option

Here's why keeping the baby is not an option.
Affair guy = Chandler
Husband = Joey

FYI: my husband and I were separated for awhile...but things are actually going great now, and that's why i wanted to give it a true fighting shot so that I can assess things without the bias lens of having another guy I deeply love, and decided to finally cut things off with Chandler, despite him that he says how much he loves me and i'm the love of his life/soulmate.

Option 1:
1. Don't say anything to Joey . Go 9 months not knowing, stressing, then after the baby is born do a paternity test (in secret of course). Which then:
a) The baby is Joey's. Phew. All is good for the rest of our lives.
b) The baby is Chandler's. Now I have to devastate Joey because he's already emotionally attached to the baby, have to go through a divorce with a newborn which is hard enough, and alienate myself from my support network that i WOULD need to survive a divorce, don't get me started on my uber religious parents, and I'd essentially be a single mom on one income in one of the top 10 most expensive places to live (no, moving not an option dont' ask) because Chandler's income is pretty much what I made in college (makes me an asshole, i know, and not that money matters when it comes to love and all that, but let's be real: babies cost money. period). That baby's gonna have a GREAT life.

2. Tell Joey that i'm pregnant and maybe it's not his. He leaves me, then I'm pregnant and going through a divorce. Definitely will be alienated and alone (don't give me this crap that if my friends really loved me they'd support me...there's very few people i'd support if they did this). Then:
a) It turns out it's Joey's. He lost out on 9 months of bonding, plus he'll never look athte baby with true love, yes i know him that well, because well straight up there was another dude's sperm in me at the same time as this baby.
b)It turns out to be Chandler's. Same option as 1b, above.

So with the exception of 1a, every option is crap. And HELL NO i'm not going to make him think Chandler's baby is his...that for SURE will bite me in the ass later...like if the kid needs a kidney in 18 years and THEN he finds out hte baby isn't his...he'd throw himself off a cliff in pain. And if I have someone's baby, then despite everything they should always know their real father.

Keeping this baby is not an option.


Edgar said...

So let´s just kill the baby... right?

Anonymous said...

Be strong girl, do what YOU think is best for YOU and the BABY! dont ever let anyone tell you what you should do, its YOUR decision, its YOUR body, and dammit its YOUR free will to do it for the BEST!!

Anonymous said...

You make the shitty decisions, and an innocent baby has to die for it. Nice.

Anonymous said...

I doubt the baby would think the best thing for it would be to be ripped to shreds by a vacuum aspirator.

notemily said...

Man, fuck all y'all except Anon #1.

Chrissa said...

I'm am not anti-abortion; but I think all of your reasons for abortion are pure and utter bullshit.

A) You should have never cheated on your husband

B) If *I* Cheated on my husband, I would keep the paternity from my husband JUST to SAVE my baby. And lie to him. If you had the heart to cheat with another man, and kill an unborn child..why couldn't you have the heart to hide who owned the baby? Besides, what IF it was his baby? You just killed a child made from you and he.

C) Babies are expensive, yes. But I rather MY baby grow up in a home living pay check to pay check than be well...DEAD.

D) How come adoption wasn't listed in any of your above "options?"
Tons of people are out there who want to adopt , and have the money to raise them.

This pathetic and INANE accuse made me throw up in my mouth a little..and I actually said 'what the fuck' out loud.

"like if the kid needs a kidney in 18 years and THEN he finds out hte baby isn't his...he'd throw himself off a cliff in pain."

. Next time keep your goddamn legs close. Go on real birth control, instead of using abortion as birth control.
You obviously too ignorant and not mature enough to be getting laid.

Chrissa said...

NotEmily, I think your comment is null and void, considering one of your interests on Tumblr and your profile on here is RAPE CULTURE.
So yeah, take your "leave the poor abortion girl alone" comment and shove it in your rape fetish ass :)

"rape culture" meaning:

Rape culture is a term or concept used to describe a culture in which rape and sexual violence are common and in which prevalent attitudes, norms, practices, and media normalize, excuse, tolerate, or even condone sexual violence

We are SO sitting on your bench. (pfft)

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