I just snapped via IM at Chandler. .

Anyone who says they want me to keep their baby when I don't means they better be able to handle if if i dump a newborn in their arms. His lifestyle and debt are not going to drastically improve in the next 9 months. Hell, I worry that Joey and I can't afford childcare in this overly-priced area we live in (most people I know only survive becuase they have family nearby. We do not), and we make good salaries. Chandler makes what I did in college. And i went to college in a town that has maybe 1/20th the cost of living.

Even if i could magically pop this out, he could not take care of it on his own.

Which makes me one big asshole, but it's a chick evolution thing...women since the dawn of time have sought mates who are providers, first and foremost, because of the children. Men want hot chicks to procreate and spread their seed. We women want to make sure we have someone who can provide and take care of us. That takes cash.

most people when they figure out an abortion just have to deal with one guy...i have two guy drama and a pregnancy. How the eff did I get myself in this situation?


Christa said...

You were irresponsible, cheated on your husband and didn't use birth control. THAT is how you got yourself into that situation!!

Anonymous said...

*applauds* Aren't you just so special, Christa? What rank have you attained in the Morality Police?


Anonymous said...

seriously, what a bitch. stop being a troll, christa, and do something good for this world, instead of letting people who are going through hard things feel even worse. you have no idea what this is about, and unless you ever are faced with a situation where you are pregnant and keeping it is no a good option, and unless you ever seriously have to make the decision to have an abortion, you never will understand. so until that happens, fuck off.

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