6 day countdown

Today the anxiety has subsided, thank GOD. Maybe I had a heart attack in my sleep.

This morning Joey snapped at me for making noise in the kitchen this morning while he was trying to sleep...my brain was, of course, on the embryo inside of me, my appetite, weight gain (i weighed myself this morning....4lbs heavier than a month ago at this time)...we're getting our carpets cleaned and i got up early to move furniture and stuff...seriously, WHY are women the ones responsible for getting sh*t done??

This is sort of opening my eyes to a lot of things though. Like...my major beef has always been that Joey doesn't do sh*t around the house, and when he does he wants a pat on the back. He got laid off and was pretty good about doing stuff, but then I started to get resentful because taking out the trash, cleaning the downstairs floors, vacuuming when i bitched about my allergies, and doing dishes are things he should be doing ANYWAY...people were like "wow, with him your house must be spotless" and I was thinking "umm...since he's there also to make a mess, in the end the cleaning plus the messing up = status quo". He just started a new job this week, let's see how things hold up. I'll cut him a few weeks of slack 'cause I get that a new job can be stressful (well...emotionally...but you definitely don't have any work to do or anything sooooo....)

Thing is...I don't see him being very PROTECTIVE of me if I were pregnant. For some reason, that's important to me. Maybe because i'm short and small-framed and i grew up with paranoid parents who made it seem like i was going to be raped just by exiting my house. When he's lackadaisical (how's that for a $100 word) then nothing matters in his world.

Then I think of Chandler...and dude would be BEYOND protective. Hell, we walk in a parking lot and if a car is a mile away he grabs me and pulls me far out from where the car will eventually go...I think Joey would literally forget that I was pregnant, whereas Chandler would practically walk around with his hand guarding my stomach at all times.

They could not be the two most different people on the planet. I wish I could morph the two of them together (ha knowing my luck, i'd get their worst traits combined into one). Sigh. In the end, I'm pretty sure I'd be the one having to take care of this baby anyway.

Gotta run to the chiropractor before the carpet cleaning guy arrives, they're offering free adjustements today for patients. Free is my friend.


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