Last night we were talking about pet stains, and someone mentioned how when you're pregnant you can't clean a kitty litter box.

I totally forgot about that. I can't imagine relying on Joey to take care of all the litterboxes as often as they need to be cleaned.

I wish I could share this burden with Chandler. Not as a lover/boyfriend-type. But as one of my closest friends. I think back to hanging out with him on his he told me how he'd love to spend every day like that with me, so he could flip me over and have at it whenever he wanted. Stuff like that makes me giddy. There was no way I could ever have resisted that guy.

Having boyfriends, having sex, all of that is one thing. It's another to be with someone who has this incredible physical hold on you (metaphorically-speaking!), where something in their pheromones or something just makes you as high as a feline on catnip. I'd say if I really thought about it, maybe 3 of all the people I've ever had sex with did I ever feel truly like "holy crap, I cannot get enough of this guy" and wanted him more and more even after a year. I don't even feel that way for Joey, I think that fizzled within the first 3 months. But Chandler, sigh. There's something about Mary...there's something about Chandler. no doubt.

Even though there's a 50/50 chance of it being his, I feel like getting this procedure automatically cuts off any future at all. I don't know why I feel that way.

Why is this all about sex?

See the title of this blog.


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