Tired tired tired

I don't want to blame my exhaustion on the baby thing, but holy bejeezus i'm exhausted. I can't function. I have a work luncheon to attend in 15 mins and I can barely keep my eyes open.

Confirming my appointment now. They're all about privacy, you have to give them a password in order to have them do anything for you. Which then got me worried that I would forget my password, and the whole thing would be screwed.

Less than one day.


Anonymous said...

Monica -
I'm assuming that you had your abortion today and am very sorry that you found yourself in such a difficult position. But,that being the case, I'd like to offer you two resources to tap into if you have a difficult time dealing with your decision:
Peace. ~~~mary

Monica Geller said...

Before the surgery, I would have brushed this off.
NOW...i'm grateful for them. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

then i'll offer you another less religious option: exhale.

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