Roe vs. Wade

I wonder if most people who get abortions look up Roe vs. Wade.

I wonder how many people (i.e. teenagers) even had heard of RvsW, or ever will.

My argument for vs. against isn't about the ability to live on it's own. After all, that would mean if you're in the hospital after an accident and need to be hooked up to stuff for awhile, you don't have the right to live.
I do have to say, based on my religion, i don't believe on being attached to a machine in order to live. If the doctor says you cannot ever survive without that machine, that's when it's time to go. However, I do understand that some people including my husband disagree. I'm just following my religion as a guideline. And obviously, i'm not religious, but that's one rule i'll follow.

My argument against abortion would simply be that if you don't think that a fetus/embryo is a real human, than if someone stabs you while you're pregnant and you lose your baby, you can't then go after them for murder. If i WANTED to keep this baby, and someone stabbed me, damn right htat person would deal a crowbar to their head. can't have it both ways. You can't decide that a life is important just becuase you want it. It's all or nothing I guess. That's my opinion.

That being said, I'm going to assume the number of women who get stabbed or shot in the uterus while pregnant is much lower than the number of women who need abortions.

I need a nap. That'll help with my appetite.


notemily said...

You can't decide that a life is important just becuase you want it.

I kind of think you can... that's why it's called choice. If someone stabs you and you lose your baby, that's not your choice, that's someone else forcing you to miscarry and yes I think that is a crime. But if you choose to have an abortion, that's your business.

But then I don't believe people have rights until they're born. Which is why I believe in the woman's right to choose more than I believe in the fetus's right to live.

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