Almost there!

Almost D-Day.

Anxiety turned to impatience to now: annoyance.

For example, this whole getting my iron up thing is a pain in my ass. Red meat isn't as tasty as one would think. That's why I eat chicken. Two days ago that stupid roast beef sandwich which was really thinly sliced grey plastic totally turned me off of it so much that I went vegetarian for all of yesterday. Today, back to the plan of eating more red meat. Which sucks 'cause i want chicken curry for lunch.

Oh, and I told Chandler. That went from shock, to anger (he wants me to keep it, regardless of who's it is), to extreme anger, to psychotic anger, to things that actually started to scare me, to now a complete 180, where he's all "i realized what was important is YOU, your health, that's all that matters, even if i don't agree i can still support your decision"...which is all i wanted, but crap I was cursing myself and wishing I'd listened to Rachel. To my defense, I told him when i hadn't had any sleep and I said it at like 2am when I was up late doing work. Not the smartest move on my part.

I just want this nightmare over with.


rachel said...

[meh] to chandler. just more emotional drama you don't need right now. i know how hard it is to keep it to yourself, hard on you :(

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